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2018 Resolution of Atelectasis

           with HFNC

2018 "Role of HFNC therapy in the respiratory distress: is it time to change the strategy?"

Alto Flujo en Insuficiencia Cardíaca

          Insf Card 2018

High Flow Nasal Cannula as Treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Secondary to Serious Bronchopneumonia after Transoceanic Flight. EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, 7.10 (2018)

Pressure-Optimized High Flow Therapy

Efectividad y seguridad de la terapia de alto flujo con cánulas nasales en pacientes con insuficiencia cardiaca aguda. Emergencias (2018).

Things to Keep in Mind in High Flow Therapy: As Usual the Devil is in the Detail. Int J Crit Care Emerg Med 2018

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