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What´s on in High flow therapy at 31st Annual Congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Med

The 31st Annual Congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine is being held in Paris. I summarize the main sessions and the abstracts related to High Flow Therapy that will be presented during the congress.

Master Class:EDIC I Refresher course: Respiratory & airways management


Chair: Carl Waldmann (Reading, United Kingdom)

Chair: Hans Ulrich Rothen (Bern, Switzerland)

Role of NIV/High-flow-nasal oxygen therapy

Speaker: Luigi Camporota (London, United Kingdom)

Master Class:Mechanical Ventilation: From basics to advanced treatment


High Flow Nasal Cannula: theoretical and practical aspects, Speaker: Samir Jaber (Montpellier, France)

High-flow Oxygen or CPAP for postoperative respiratory support?

Speaker: Alexandre Demoule (Paris, France)

Cardiovascular experimental studies

Comparison of global enddiastolic volume index (GEDVI), extravascular 0

lung water index (EVLWI) and cardiac index (CI) derived from

transpulmonary thermodiltion (TPTD) during high flow vs. low/no flow

ECMO: the HEUREKA-III animal study

Abstract Presenter: Wolfgang Huber (Munich, Germany)

Clinical Trials in the ICU


Chair: Elie Azoulay (Paris, France)

Chair: Maurizio Cecconi (Milan, Italy)

L/KG/MIN: More efficient than 2 L/KG/MIN to support young infants with severe viral

bronchiolitis using high-flow nasal cannulae? Multicentre randomised controlled trial


Speaker: Christophe Milesi (Montpellier, France)

High-flow nasal oxygen vs standard oxygen in immunocompromised patients with 15:40

Acute Respiratory Failure: The HIGH Randomised Clinical Trial

Speaker: Elie Azoulay (Paris, France)


-Nebulisation during nasal high flow therapy: a randomized clinical trial.

Abstract Presenter: Stephan Ehrmann (Tours, France)

-The predictive factors for success of high flow nasal cannula in acute hypoxemic respiratory failure patients in a regional hospital in Hong Kong.

Abstract Presenter: Chung-Tat Lun (Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)

-High-flow nasal cannula in adults with acute respiratory failure and after extubation:

a Systematic review and meta analysis.

Abstract Presenter: Zhiheng Xu (Guangzhou, China)

-High flow oxygen therapy for the treatment of acute respiratory failure outside the

intensive care unit: feasibility, safety and efficacy.

Abstract Presenter: Giacomo Grasselli (Milan, Italy)

-Bedside ultrasound assessment of lung reaeration in patients with blunt thoracic injury receiving high-flow nasal cannula therapy: a retrospective study.

Abstract Presenter: Lu Xiao (HangZhou, China)

-High flow nasal oxygen therapy in patients with acute exacerbations of COPD.

Abstract Presenter: Burcin Halacli (Ankara, Turkey)

-Use of high flow nasal cannula therapy for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure: a review of predictors of success and outcomes.

Abstract Presenter: Ken, Jun Yang Goh (Singapore, Singapore)

-Effects of set flow rate on the ROX index in acute hypoxemic respiratory failure patients undergoing high flow therapy.

Abstract Presenter: Donatella Tortolani (Ferrara, Italy)

-Physiological evaluation of high flow oxygen therapy versus standard oxygen therapy effects in tracheostomized patients.

Abstract Presenter: Rosa Di mussi (Bari, Italy)

- Aeration changes induced by high flow nasal cannula are more homogeneous than those generated by non-invasive ventilation in healthy subjects.

Abstract Presenter: Irene Dot (Barcelona, Spain)

-Effects of nocturnal dexmedetomidine on sleep quality in critically ill patients equipped with high flow nasal cannula.

Abstract Presenter: Yoshitoyo Ueno (Tokushima, Japan)

-Non-invasive ventilation vs. high flow nasal cannula oxygenation in pneumonia-associated acute respiratory failure. An observational retrospective study.

Abstract Presenter: Sergio Rebollo (Cartagena, Spain)

-Application of the ROX index as a predictior of response to high-flow nasal cannula in patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Abstract Presenter: Monica Magret Iglesias (Tarragona, Spain)

-The use of high flow nasal cannula oxygen outside the intensive care unit.

Abstract Presenter: Phillip Levin (Jerusalem, Israel)

- High-flow oxygen through Nasal cannula versus Continuous Positive Airway Pressure in patients with moderate hypoxemic respiratory failure due to pneumonia.

Abstract Presenter: Manuela Giovini (Piacenza, Italy)

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